Introducing Cert Safe

A better way to protect your business and workforce

A key goal of CMISA is to introduce innovative technology and automation to the marine and shipbuilding industries in Canada and in this case, to help you manage your most important assets: your people and your equipment.

CMISA is proud and excited to announce our new partnership with our Industry Supporter, Cert Safe. Cert Safe unique software allows you to minimize by managing certifications for your equipment, people and sub-contractors.


What is Cert Safe?

Cert Safe is a software company that provides a certification management solution. The system will save businesses time on their administrative work and provide more time to focus on your projects. 

With over 1400 companies worldwide using Cert Safe, our customers range from one-person teams to international corporations demonstrating how Cert Safe provides a flexible solution for a variety of different companies.

Our data security solutions are better than industry standards and we aim to make them even better with a world-leading blockchain solution in the very near future.

Our customer's satisfaction is the most important part of our business, and we work hard to ensure our clients feel valued and heard. With the help of our award-winning customer service team, we will ensure you receive solutions and quality service every time.

A message from one of our customers

“Cert Safe has become a valuable tool in our operation management. Prior to Cert Safe, managing our own and subcontractors compliance was always issue. Now we have full visibility over our entire organisation at all of our sites.”

Operations Director at Terence Engineering Ltd

Michael Burns

Asset & Project Management

All companies have assets that require certifications, expiration dates and projects that need managing. Some assets may include a company's equipment, tools, vehicles, employees and insurance documents. Your assets will be used on your projects and managing all of this documentation, certification and compliance takes a lot of time and effort.

Usually all of this data is recorded within spreadsheets or in a filing cabinet which is managed by your team. Now, imagine if you could have all of this data managed, but without it costing you any administrative time at all. This is what Cert Safe will do for your business - automatically manage all of your assets and project compliance information, all without the cost or use of your administrative time. With Cert Safe, you will receive automated emails and notifications when any certification is expiring - be that your internal or subcontractors certification.


Cert Safe Solutions



    Contractors and their subcontractors will be automatically informed when certification or documents are becoming expired, ensuring that they are always compliant. You can set up a prompt within the system that notifies you, whether it's a day, a week, or every quarter, you decide.


    Documentation Storage

    Using Cert Safe, contractors will digitally upload all of their certification onto one easy to use platform. This can then be managed, tracked and shared to any party invited into the system, all from the Cert Safe software.


    Health & Safety

    Our system will ensure that all employees are within qualification or certified to complete their tasks and equally prove that the equipment being used on projects is safe to use. Additionally, all project safety documents can be remotely signed off on Cert Safe, by you, the contractor and by your customer or subcontractor.


    Proposal Writing

    Simplify the proposal writing process with direct and immediate access to all certifications, qualification and insurance documents.

Introducing an exclusive Cert Safe offer for CMISA members

Your Account Manager

Jack Sweet

+44 796 082 7856

Thank you CMISA members for choosing to learn more about Cert Safe. Please contact me below if you have any further questions or would like a demonstration.

C$52 C$36 per user/month

  • Unlimited certification
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited files
  • Secure infrastructure
  • Cert Safe support
  • Resource library
  • Access anywhere